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    February 10, 2023
    9:30 am - 5:30 pm
    904 South 20th St., Tampa, FL 33605

    What attendees said about last year's event

    Real people. Real feedback. Fake photos.

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    Reasons Not to Come

    • You prefer reading whitepapers and blog articles versus interacting with demos and talking to industry professionals face-to-face.

    • You don't want to take advantage of technology to help you become more competitive in the marketplace.

    • You don't have any issues finding labor to do routine and mundane tasks.

    • You don't think robots are cool.

    • You don't like BBQ.

    Reasons to Come

    • You want to get your hands on new technology and talk with industry professionals regarding your biggest automation and reliability concerns.

    • You want to get educated on new technology that might help your operation.

    • You like robots and believe in the potential of automation to help address labor shortages and increase efficiency.

    • You want to make your boss proud.

    • You like BBQ!